Moksha was established in Ludhiana, Punjab by Ajay Arora, a spiritual mentor and coach in 2010. He himself practised Yoga and Mediation on his path of Spirituality for years before becoming a Mentor.

Our Status in Numbers

Total Users

Thousands of people have benefitted from Moksha so far and the numbers are multiplying by the time. We aim to render the benefits of our knowledge to every nook and corner of the world.


Years of Experience

We have been helping people and taking them to the path of Spirituality, Peace and Happiness for about 15 years now. The Leader of MOKSHA , Ajay Arora himself had been very active practising before becoming a Mentor to pass on the fruit to others



We render our services not only online, but also at our centres spread all over Punjab. Here are the centre locations.


In-house Staff

To help out with our tasks, we have a team of committed, dedicated and well trained staff. Our staff is always on their toes to accomplish the aimed results.

Your Journey



Once you’re on board with MOKSHA, we’ll ensure that you understand life better and acquire Inner Peace and Contentment and experience Happiness like never before. You shall see life with a new perspective and ultimately achieve Moksha, our ultimate goal in life.

Take a look at the amazing features & ask yourself the question?

We refrain from any religious inclinations. Neither do we believe in any sorts of magics or tantras or making you achieve your material goals. All we believe in is Spirituality and good mental, physical and emotional health. Our personalized courses are a cherry on top!

  • Mentor’s years of personal experience and practice.
  • Personalized courses and services
  • Well trained staff
  • Both online and Offline courses
  • Meditation, Yoga, Kriyas, Mudras and Counselling; all under one roof.

Moksha aims at making lives better by teaching the right way to attain and practice spirituality. We strive to bring inner peace and happiness with the use of various Kriyas, Mudras, Meditation and Counseling.The situations are mostly beyond our control, but we teach you how to look at things differently, how to handle things differently, in a way that your Happiness Quotient is maximized.

Well, that’s the easiest part. Call/Text/Mail us up and leave the rest to us. We shall hold your hand and take you to the path of Eternal Happiness and Joy.

Our Specials


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We believe that our knowledge and ideas should be shared with everyone. Therefore, we have a plethora of these amazing videos explaining how things work at MOKSHA.


Apart from the offline courses, we also offer online courses. These courses are designed keeping in mind the fact that individual needs vary. Our courses are hence, very flexible in nature and can be personalized.


There’s a strong need for the counseling to be personalized and individual specific which the MOKSHA team understands well and helps accordingly.
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