Journey To Moksha provides you a positive state of mind by working on the impressions of your soul,
and eliminate negativity in the mind, and helps you overcome the stress and depression.


Yoga is a spiritual activity which connects the Body, Mind and Soul in a Rythm. It helps in Calming the mind, going deep into Concentration (Dhyaan), increasing Confidence and bringing a balance in life.


Pranayaam means to have control over your breathing and its extension. It teaches the right techniques of controlled breathing and its practice to provide more oxygen to your blood and brain.


Mudras that we teach at Moksha, help to improve the synchronization between the brain and organs. It transmits positive energies through various positions of hands and fingers, hence, increasing vitality.


Dhyaana means to have great peace, rest and tranquility inside. When we practice Dhyaana, our mind comes at rest, concentration and attentiveness start improving. We start focusing on our inner self.

Spiritual Journey



This journey connects you with your inner self.
who am I, the Purpose of my life on this planet, for why and for what.
It shows you the right path towards your goal

Take a look at the amazing features & ask yourself the question?



Journey To Moksha offers various kind of Offline and Online courses which trains your mind to be contented, irrespective of the situation around, bringing calmness and peace within.




We believe that our knowledge and ideas should be shared with everyone. Therefore, we have a plethora of these amazing videos explaining how things work at MOKSHA.


Apart from the offline courses, we also offer online courses. These courses are designed keeping in mind the fact that individual needs vary. Our courses are hence, very flexible in nature and can be personalized.


There’s a strong need for the counseling to be personalized and individual specific which the MOKSHA team understands well and helps accordingly.


Journey To Moksha was established in Ludhiana, Punjab by Moksha Ajay, a spiritual mentor and coach in 2010. He himself practiced Yoga and Mediation on his path of Spirituality for years before becoming a Mentor.

Our Status in Numbers

Total Users

Thousands of people have benefited from Journey To Moksha so far and the numbers are multiplying by the time. We aim to render the benefits of our knowledge to every nook and corner of the world.


Years of Experience

We have been helping people and taking them to the path of Spirituality, Peace and Happiness for about 15 years now. The Leader of  JOURNEY TO MOKSHA , Moksha Ajay himself had been very active practicing before becoming a Mentor to pass on the fruit to others



We render our services not only online, but offline also at our centers spread all over Punjab.


In-house Staff

To help out with our tasks, we have a team of committed, dedicated and well trained staff. Our staff is always on their toes to accomplish the aimed results.



Here are a few testimonials from some of our highly satisfied users. These testimonials speak volumes of the effort
we put in to spread happiness and to bring in our users a sense of contentment and inner peace.

Mona Joshi


I used to feel very low and unhappy all the time. It seemed I had lost interest in life. Then I took counselling from Moksha Ajay and in a few months I was wondering what magic he created to totally transform my attitude towards life. Thank you Journey To Moksha.

Sumit Singla

Iron Trader

I have been taking services of  JOURNEY TO MOKSHA for over a year now. Their courses really helped me in dealing with the issues I was facing in life. I had clinical depression and they helped me the most to come out of it. I’m immensely thankful to JOURNEY TO MOKSHA.

Vishal Chawla

Industrial Entrepreneur

I was suffering from some severe health issues before I heard about JOURNEY TO MOKSHA from a friend of mine. The Kriyas, especially Moksha Kriya I performed with the guidance from Moksha Ajay proved to be a savior. I would surely recommend JOURNEY TO MOKSHA to everyone.

Vivek Vashisth

Business Man

I thought I didn’t need to practice any meditation or Yoga or any such thing. I was happy and I thought I needed nothing more from life until on insistence from my cousin, I took a session with Moksha Ajay. I would strongly recommend JOURNEY TO MOKSHA.

Thought Provoking Interactions

Thought Provoking Interactions
  • Thought Provoking Interactions

    Thought Provoking Interactions
  • Short Stories by Moksha Ajay

    Short Stories by Moksha Ajay
  • Mind Click by Moksha Ajay

    Mind Click by Moksha Ajay
  • Guided Meditation by Moksha Ajay

    Guided Meditation by Moksha Ajay

We believe that our knowledge and ideas should be shared with everyone. Therefore, we have a plethora of these amazing videos explaining how things work at MOKSHA. Various Kriyas, Mudras, Meditation techniques, motivational stories and lectures etc. are all available in our videos which you may access anytime, free of cost. We shall keep on updating and adding our wonderful stock of videos..

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